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I'm a fairly moderate person, and I'm not much of a joiner (religion, politics, girl scouts). It just ain't for me. When I do get behind something, you know its good.
I can write well, read well, speak good; I suck at sewing unless its leather, which is easier for me.
I can thread a Christie projector in 2.5 minutes, do a full xenon lamp change in 20 minutes, and repair a dropped film print in about 4 hours (which really is impressive.. to, like, other projectionists).
I know lots of stuff and sometimes its useful.
I've made 3 short films at my community college, the first one receiving several nominations, including a regional Emmy. I'm also friends with a squirrel.
I'm a first generation British American, which means when the poop hits the fan, I'm going to Mexico.
My friends say I'm very left field. Sometimes my brain works too fast and I blurt something out, not realising my friends weren't involved in the conversation in my head.